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Countries & Nationalities Vocabulary

The word 'Nationality' is not often used in spoken English. It is a formal and official word and it appears more frequently in written English. You will find the word 'Nationality' is used a lot in the travel industry and for immigration.

We almost never say: What is your nationality?

We usually say: Where are you from? OR Where do you come from?

To tell someone your nationality you DON'T say: My nationality is Chilean.

You say: I'm Chilean


I am from Chile.

To Be + from + country

I am Chilean.

To Be + Nationality

Singular : Country, Nationality

Plural    : Countries, Nationalities

Below is a list of countries with the appropriate nationality. The Language that appears is the main language that is spoken in the country. We have not included all the languages that they may speak in that country.

Country                           Nationality                        Language

Afghanistan                      Afghan                             Afghan

Argentina                         Argentine                         Argentinean Spanish

Australia                          Australian                         English

Belgium                            Belgian                            French/Flemish

Bolivia                             Bolivian                           Spanish

Brazil                               Brazilian                          Portuguese

Cambodia                       Cambodian                       Cambodian

Canada                            Canadian                         English / French

Chile                               Chilean                             Spanish

China                                Chinese                          Chinese

Colombia                          Colombian                     Spanish

Costa Rica                       Costa Rican                   Spanish

Cuba                                Cuban                           Spanish

Denmark                           Danish (Dane)              Danish

Dominican Republic          Dominican                     Spanish

Ecuador                            Ecuadorian                   Spanish

Egypt                               Egyptian                         Arabic

El Salvador                      Salvadorian                     Spanish

England                           English                            English

Estonia                            Estonian                         Estonian

Ethiopia                          Ethiopian                        Amharic

Finland                           Finnish                            Finnish

France                           French                            French

Germany                        German                          German

Greece                          Greek                             Greek

Guatemala                    Guatemalan                     Spanish

Haiti                              Haitian                           French / Creole

Honduras                      Honduran                      Spanish

Indonesia                       Indonesian                    Indonesian

Ireland                          Irish                               Irish / English

Israel                            Israeli                             Hebrew

Italy                              Italian                            Italian

Japan                            Japanese                      Japanese

Jordan                         Jordanian                       Arabic

Korea                          Korean                          Korean

Laos                           Laotian                           Laotian

Latvia                         Latvian                            Latvian

Lithuania                    Lithuanian                        Lithuanian

Malaysia                     Malaysian                        Malay

Mexico                       Mexican                          Spanish

Morocco                     Moroccan                      Arabic / French

Netherlands                  Dutch                            Dutch

New Zealand               New Zealander              English / Maori

Nicaragua                    Nicaraguan                    Spanish

Norway                      Norwegian                      Norwegian

Panama                       Panamanian                     Spanish

Paraguay                     Paraguayan                    Spanish

Peru                             Peruvian                        Spanish

Philippines                   Filipino                           Tagalog

Poland                        Polish                            Polish

Portugal                       Portuguese                    Portuguese

Puerto Rico                  Puerto Rican                 Spanish

Romania                       Romanian                      Romanian

Russia                          Russian                          Russian

Saudi Arabia                 Saudi                          Arabic

Spain                            Spanish                        Spanish

Sweden                        Swedish                      Swedish

Switzerland                  Swiss                            Swiss

Taiwan                        Taiwanese                      Chinese

Thailand                        Thai                              Thai

Turkey                         Turkish                          Turkish

Ukraine                        Ukrainian                       Ukrainian

United States American * English                        English

Uruguay                         Uruguayan                    Spanish

Venezuela                     Venezuelan                    Spanish

Vietnam                          Vietnamese                  Vietnamese

Wales                             Welsh                         Welsh / English

*You will notice that people from United States have the nationality 'American'. Some people from other parts of the American continent (especially Central and South America) tend not to like the word American for people from the United States. You will find that they will call them North American.

Playing game about countries and nationalities here


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